Teachers‘ and Research days

The Swiss CRC organizes each year a Teachers‘ day and /or Research Day, in order to enhance the exchange between teachers and researchers of all schools.

Topics of the last Teachers’ days:

2018: Improving teaching for groups of students
2017: Assessing & Developing Common Master Courses
2015: Common courses (after 1st cycle)
2014: Learning outcomes after BA4
2012: Common courses (before 1st cycle)
2011: Interface problems and heterogeneity
2010: Improvement of collaboration in education and research

Topics of the last Research days:

2019: Data managing, data storing, data sharing
2016: Interaction of Research and teaching
2015: Foundations in Switzerland
2014: Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI)
2013: Swiss National Fund (SNF)
2012: Organisation of research at each site, current research projects