Swiss CRC


The Swiss Conservation-Restoration Campus offers a three year Bachelor’s and a two year Master’s programme. Each institution is a centre of learning and research with an interdisciplinary team of lecturers and professionals specialised in different fields of conservation-restoration. The titles conferred are recognized by the Swiss Confederation and they are valid internationally.

The Bachelor’s programme in conservation emphasizes documentary work, condition assessment, preventive conservation and implementation of conservation measures.

The Master’s programme develops intellectual and practical skills in a  specialised field of conservation-restoration, , requiring scientific and technical research.

Bachelor in Conservation
The Bachelor’s programme in Conservation is fully modular and designed according to Swiss and European standards.
The full-time studies last three years and correspond to 180 ECTS credits. During the first two years students follow a coordinated curriculum defined by the four collaborating institutions and leading to commonly defined learning outcomes.
In the third year students attend courses on a specific field of conservation at the institution responsible for it.
Special conditions apply to the Abegg-Stiftung.

Master in Conservation-Restoration
The Master’s programme in Conservation-Restoration prepares students for independent practice of the profession according to European ECCO and ENCoRE guidelines.
The full-time studies last two years and correspond to 120 ECTS credits. Each institution offers a Master’s programme in the corresponding field of specialisation. Students develop conservationrestoration concepts on the basis of scientific, historical and technical knowledge.